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Attractions in Voyageurs National Park

The every day beauty that the park offers will keep you and your family coming back year after year! From the rugged interior and their many interior lakes, to the miles and miles of boatable waters on Kabetogama, Namakan, Rainy, Sand Point and Crane Lakes.
Voyageurs National Park is also the nations only water based park!

Kettle Falls Hotel
 Constructed by timber cruiser Ed Rose, the Kettle Falls Hotel has accommodated and entertained travelers since 1913. From its somewhat scandalous past, it developed a tradition of hospitality and great cooking served by the Williams family. Recognized for its significant contribution to regional history, the hotel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

The facility was renovated by the National Park Service in 1987 so you can enjoy a hearty meal, relax on the veranda or spend the night. Kettle Falls and the hotel are accessible only by air or water, with the shortest water route being from Ash River. Shuttle service is available for overnight guests.

Ellsworth Rock Gardens

The Ellsworth Rock Gardens have been known as the “Showplace of Lake Kabetogama” since the 1940s. Jack Ellsworth, the garden’s creator and a self-taught artist, used natural elements of the native northern Minnesota landscape to create an original art environment on the north shore of Kabetogama Lake and one of the most popular day use sites at the Park.

Over a period of roughly twenty years, Ellsworth, used art and engineering to create a complex, terraced garden on a prominent rock outcrop. Ellsworth constructed 62 terraced flower beds on the outcrop, which he filled with more than 13,000 lilies and other flower varieties. He then accented his garden landscape with over 200 abstract rock sculptures that have been compared to the work of modern sculptors like Noguchi and Brancusi.


Enjoy a relaxing houseboat vacation with one of the many housboats companies in Voyageurs National Park. Just find yourself a nice relaxing houseboat site and enjoy all that camping has to offer, but in the comforts of a warm cozy houseboat!


Camping in the Park

All park camp sites are only accessible by watercraft.
Reserve a site in the National Park at

As the light fades, loons laugh and an owl’s hoot breaks the sound of silence. Cool breezes nudge waves that lap the shore. And such starry, starry skies are a sight to behold. The moist fog in the morning surrenders to birds singing. As the mist dissipates and warm sunshine melts into your skin!

Canoeing and Kayaking

Each lake in Voyagers National Park is big enough for several days worth of paddling. If half way through your day you feel like its time to settle down for the night you can pick from one of the many campsites the park has to offer. Take a break from paddleing and enjoy a swim in the clean clear waters. In the evenings share stories around the campfire, Listen for the calls of the loon and maybe a howl from a wolf!

If you don’t have a canoe of your own, you can rent one on-site, after crossing a portage to one of the interior lakes. 


Hike along one of the nine trails within Voyageurs National Park and explore the wonderful diversity the park has to offer. Trails are accessible by water and by land. Everything from day hikes to hiking the interior and staying overnight at one of the campsites along the way!

Animal and Bird watching

Voyageurs is great for warblers and many breeding birds of the boreal forest. Species include golden-winged, Canada and mourning warblers, as well as gray jays, ravens, black-backed woodpeckers and Philadelphia vireos. Watch the shoreline and sky for bald eagles, osprey, northern goshawks, ducks, pelicans and cormorants.

White-tailed deer, especially does and fawns, foraging along lake banks, red squirrels gather for the upcoming winter, otters play along streams and beavers build their dams and lodges. Moose, black bears, wolves, fishers, pine martens, mink, bobcats and lynx are elusive to be sure, but may be seen if you are patient and persistent.

Any trail in Voyageurs National Park would be considered great for birding and wildlife watching. However, three trails that are easily accessible are the Kab-Ash Trail, which goes through a variety of habitats and is spectacular for warblers and other songbirds; the Echo Bay Trail has an overlook of an active great blue heron rookery; and the Black Bay hiking trail, which also presents numerous species of birds and animals.

With all that the park has to offer, you can do much much more exploring of the parks; history and historic sites!!!
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